/freɪm/ Weave around something. Spanish = marco


/ˈstætʃ.uː/ Sculptured figure that mimics a human or animal figure. Spanish = estatua


/ˈlænd.skeɪp/ Land area that is visible from a site. Spanish = paisaje


/ˈskʌlp.tər/ Artist dedicated to sculpture. Spanish = escultor


/ˈpɔː.trət/ Painting, drawing, photography, representing anyone. Spanish = retrato

Fernando Mayen


1) floor /noun//flɔːr/   the surface in a room/ spanish: piso

2)flour/ noun/  /flaʊər/ a powder for cooking a bread/ spanish:harina

3)councel/ noun /ˈkaunsəl/ a group the persons/ spanish: consejo

4) celery/ noun /ˈseləri/ type of vegetable/ spanish: apio

5) salad / noun  /ˈsӕləd/ mixed of vegetables / spanish: ensalada

By Zulma Chacon

1) away; əˈweɪ; Leave the path free; afuera

2)  research; ri·sɜrt; Thorough study of something; investigacion

3) newspapers; nuzˌpeɪ·pər; Repeat each time; periodico

4) also; ɔl·soʊ; Effect of relate one thing with another; tambien

5) sure; ʃʊər; With characteristic of firmness; seguro

BY Yoshua Salomon.

1) unemployed--> /ˌʌn.ɪmˈplɔɪd/- its when someone haven't a job./ Spanish- desempleado

2) Dump it--> /dʌmp/- drop something for get rid./ Spanish: desechar

3) waste--> /weɪst/ It is something unnecessary or not useful./ Spanish- desesperdicio

4) threat-->  /θret/ It is when something unpleasant or violent will happen/ Spanish: amenaza

5) Endangered--> /ɪnˈdeɪn.dʒəd/ it is when animals and plants are in danger of disappearing

by Edith Peña Anaya

Section headingEdit

FUEL:ˈfjuəl - Its a substance - Combustible

POOR: puə - Person without money - Pobre

AID: eid - Cooperate or collaborate- Ayuda

Frozen: friːz -Low temperature object- Congelado

BITE: bait -Trap with teeth- Morder

APPLIANCE: əˈplaɪ.əns - Set of parts with specific function - Aparato

BURN: bəːn - Destroy with fire - Quemar

BURY:beri- Hide on earth -Enterrar

UNCERTAIN: anˈsəːtn- It is doubtful- Incierto

BROCHURE: ˈbrəuʃuə- A short information in paper -Foyeto

By: MFVC 26/06/14

HAILSTONE /ˈheɪl.stəʊn/ balls of ice falling hard to the earth's surface by rain spanish: granizo

WILDLIFE /ˈwaɪld.laɪf/ refers to all plants, animals and other organisms undomesticated spanish: vida salvaje

IVORY /ˈaɪ.vər.i/ hard white substance covering your teeth enamel of some animals spanish: marfil

POACHING /pəʊtʃ/ illegal hunting of wild animals spanish: caza furtiva

WILDFIRE  /ˈwaɪld.faɪər/ fire spreads unchecked in areas with dry grass spanish: incendio forestal


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