thing; θɪŋ; The essence that gives the formation of a concept; cosa

with; wɪθ; Instrument or means which serves to make something; con

recent; ri·sənt; Just finished making; recien

give; ɡɪv; It will be an effect on principle to donate; dar

same; seɪm; Identical or affinity of equality; mismo

By Yoshua Salomon 30/06/14

// thunder/ˈθandə/ electric shock: rayo Edit
thunder strom /ˈθandə-stoːm/ rain with electric shock: tormenta electrica Edit
flood/ flad/ excess water: inundacion Edit
​earthquake/ˈɜːθ.kweɪk/ movement of tectonic plates: temblorEdit
bucket/ ˈbakit/ container: cubeta Edit

AID /eɪd/  support person to another person without receiving anything in return. spanish: ayuda/auxilio

FUEL /fjʊəl/ substance which combines with oxygen to produce heat spanish: combustible

LAYER /ˈleɪ.ər/ substance that covers the planet earth spanish: capa

SHORTAGE /ˈʃɔː.tɪdʒ/ lack of the necessary things to survive spanish: escasez

COAL /kəʊl/ black rock that is used for combustion spanish: carbón


BITEverb /bait/action to nail teeth into something  spanish= Morder

TRAPnoun /trӕp/ grab something spanish= atrapar 

DROUGHTtnoun /draut/ lack of water spanish= sequia

SHELTER noun /ˈʃeltə/place for the people at risk spanish= refugio

STORMnoun /stoːm/ strong water fall spanish= tormenta 


talk/tɔːk/ conversation between two people: platicar

speak/spi:k/ action to comunicate with words

Thief Traducción en español de “thief”

thief/θiːv/ person who takes things outside: ladron

steal/sti:l/ take things outside: robar



CHEAT /tʃiːt/ plan that aims to deceive a person spanish: trampa

STROKE /strəʊk/  violently attack move spanish: golpe

FABRIC /ˈfæb.rɪk/ fabric made with fibers spanish: tela

HIDE /haɪd/ add a thing in a place where it can not be seen spanish: ocultar

ADVERTISEMENT /ədˈvɜː.tɪs.mənt/ message through some thing which is reported spanish: anuncio

AIDA RUEDA 30/06/14


actually/  /ˈæk.tʃu.ə.li/ is really/ spanish= en realidad 

way/ /weɪ/ a route, direction/ spanish= camino  

wood/ wʊd/ the material for pain/ spanish= madera 

truth/ truːθ/ he quality of being true/ spanish=verdad 

subjet/sʌb.dʒekt/ or studied/ spanish= materia/asignatura  

ZULMA CHACON 30/06/14  

JOGGING /ˈdʒɒɡ.ɪŋ/  walking rapidly spanish: trotar

CLUB /klʌb/  is a post with yuna handle large surface spanish: palo de golf

NET /net/ wire mesh or other material with different uses spanish: red

HEALTHY /ˈhel.θi/  without injury, without disease, without alteration in health spanish: sano

GOAL /ɡəʊl/ make value judgments with facts and logic spanish: objetivo

AIDA RUEDA 01/07/14

spray (sprey) a liquid to be discharged or applied in such a jet. spray

masterpiece [mas-ter-pees, mah-ster-] is the most important thing an artist has: obra maestra

landscape [land-skeyp] is the nature: paisaje

river [riv-er] is a stream of water from the rain: rio

wunderful [wuhn-der-fuh l] is something that astonishes by its nature: asombroso

by angel lizarraga

carry [kar-ee] is transporting something: llevar

cut dow (cut-down) is when you take something or you reduce: reducir

painkiller [peyn-kil-er] is to take away the pain: analgesico

stay [stey]  it is when you are in one place or waiting for someone: permanecer

sporting [spawr-ting, spohr-] is where you can practice your favorite sport: deportivo

by angel lizarraga

BRUISE /bruːz/ mark on the skin caused by the presence of blood spanish: moretón

THROAT /θrəʊt/ inside of the neck of a person spanish: garganta

SPRAIN /spreɪn/ violent twisting of a joint spanish: esguince

ILLNESS /ˈɪl.nəs/  disruption of normal functioning of the body spanish: enfermedad

HICCUP /ˈhɪk.ʌp/ involuntary movement of the diaphragm spanish: hipo

AIDA RUEDA 04/07/2014

APPOINTMENT /əˈpɔɪnt.mənt/ agreement between two people to address an issue spanish: cita profesional

CHEMIST /ˈkem.ɪst/  person exercising the pharmacy spanish: farmaceutico

PLASTER /ˈplɑː.stər/ mineral composed of calcium white spanish: yeso

GROSERY  /ˈɡrəʊ.sər.i/ have first-hand merchandise to consumers spanish: tienda de abarrotes

BRANCHES /ˈbrɑːntʃ.ɪz/ place workers who work a company spanish: sucursales

AIDA RUEDA 07/07/2014

HIRE /haɪər/ take a person to perform work spanish: contratar

CHARITY /ˈtʃær.ɪ.ti/ attitude that drives interest in other people spanish: caridad

EXPENSIVE /ɪkˈspen.sɪv/ something that has high price spanish: caro

REFUND /ˈriː.fʌnd/  return a money amounts spanish: reembolso

PROFIT /ˈprɒf.ɪt/ amount of money earned spanish: ganancia

AIDA RUEDA 08/07/2014

DEAL /dɪəl/  a person's relationship with other spanish: trato

DISCOUNT   /ˈdɪs.kaʊnt/ reducing operation spanish: descuento

TAKEAWAY /ˈteɪk.ə.weɪ/ food served in a restaurant eating out of restaurant spanish: comida rapida

 ENVIRONMENT  /ɪnˈvaɪ.rən.mənt/  everything that surrounds a living thing spanish: medio ambiente

AIM /eɪm/ based on facts and logic spanish: objetivo

AIDA RUEDA 09/07/20114           

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